ABOUT This Zine!
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Community Code:
1) Have fun & Be excellent to each other
2) If you're new to this community and/or those who're running it, please always introduce yourself first.
3) Feel free to share an interest in the Whirl Fang Zine, the Vortex Machina Multi-verse products, & the Free (as in freedom), Libre, & Open culture.
4) We are all free to discuss our favorute fun hobbies (like video games, anime, manga, roleplaying games, movies, etc.), activities, talents & liberties, but there are are only a few topics that are forbidden to discuss in just this community:
<1>Any kind of Political Agenda that favors nasty governments & big bad corporations that relies on attacking freedoms of speech, expression, and information (No Authoritrianism allowed);
5) Volunteers, Contributers, & Sponsors are welcome to voluntarily donate some money (in to my website, promote it by word of mouth, advertise my zines & products, & the freedom to voluntarily collaborate on/contribute to my projects if they want/wish to.
Submission Code:
(1) Basics
1) All submissions must be sent in an email online as digital files, & all digital files need to be fully unencumbered.
2) File Formats acceptable:(Must be 100% DRM-FREE and in open/semi-open formats)
Image File Formats acceptable: .JPEG,.JPG,.PNG,.svg,.xcf,.psd,etc.
Document File Formats acceptable: .odf,.odt,.odg,.doc,.pdf, .txt,.text,etc.
3) Absolutely NO Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) allowed, these orwellian kinds of technical restrictions (A.K.A. Anti-Copying) are not allowed, because these are designed to have complete control over not just your devices, media, and software, it will also take control over you as well as completely destroying your property rights. A lot of people, especially small business owners, self-publishers, gamers, indie filmmakers, “Old School/Open Source” hackers (always remember that the true meaning of a hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness), free culture artists (Art, Film, Music, Books, anything that's not software) along with the advocates and activists of the Free/Libre & Open Source soft/hardware communities TOTALLY HATE DRM w/ a special passion for so many reasons why its so bad and useless.
To tell you (the reader) the truth, DRM is AWFUL, PLEASE AVOID USING IT @ ALL COSTS! DRM is just as HORRIBLE as GMO foods. This “so-called” DRM garbage destroys electronic devices, computers, software, & multimedia in the same way GMO food destroys gardens, farms, food, and cleaning supplies.
(2) Free, Libre, & Open-related info:
1) Since each issue of this zine will be released under a Creative Commons-Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, it is recommended that those who want to contribute to this zine use either the same creative commons license (CC-BY-SA 4.0) or any CC-BY-SA 4.0 compatible license (for example, any CC-BY-SA license as early as 2.0, or CC-BY 4.0, as well as compatibility with other copyleft licenses such as the Free Art License, & others in the process) for content they want to submit.
* Also remember that any copyrights (legally/artificially speaking, duh, since its not real property) to your work belongs to you as a limited monopoly even if you use an open (whether its copyleft, permissive, copyfree, etc.) license for your work, unless want to put your work in the public domain, & that's OK too (the most superior). You can also submit your own public domain works under a Creative Commons Zero 1.0 public domain mark license or any similar public domain-style open licenses as well.
* The free cultural works and DRM-FREE labels are also highly recommended to use as well although these labels are not required (hence optional, but these are absolutely great to use).
2) Please be aware of/recgonise copyright holders who use & support open licensing models like copyleft, permissive, &/or copyfree as examples) & admire the ones who allow filesharing and even commercial fanworks. Lets hope to get rid of those crappy copyright laws w/ the help of the Creative Commons 'Charity Corporation' and its Licenses (these are copyright licenses BTW for now) works within copyright law (& fixing it by reducing that monopoly racket) for now (in addition to the software GNU GPL license that revolutionizes how AWESOME copyleft is along with other libre licenses as well), although it grants everyone around the world various kinds of liberties (varying by license).
* Please understand that all that so-called 'INTELELCTUAL PROPERTY propaganda garbage' is all COMPLETE LIES, and the true fact is that copyrights, patents, & trademarks are in fact temporary government-granted monopolies according to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, & other like-minded folks for liberty, ITS NOT REAL PROPERTY! PLEASE DON'T TRUST THE POWER ELITEz! Because all those tyranical monopolists, banksters, & oligarchs want to take your precious liberties away. That is entirely wrong of them and they have no right to do it. That's not all, the real truth is that the so-called intellectual property crap is not property at all! The truth is that the IP racket violates our property rights, an attack on our freedoms to conduct trading and sharing. Its also a tool of censorship, an attack on the freedom to copy & share Ideas Information, and Knowledge.
* Also please support copyright reform by demanding the copyright monopoly racket to be shrunk as much as possible, or you could try to abolish IP 100% (it will only knda work on a small scale BTW), but WE MUST elimiinate PATENTS BIG TIME by simply just avoiding that racket of a system!, for the sake of civil liberties by taking power completely away from the government(great idea). To give power to the people, & to save the public domain & expand it AMAP for the sake of all free markets globally, reduce copyright terms to much shorter lengths (at least a short limited 10-20 yr term after first publication, not aouthor's death) & promote the arts & science outside those monopolistic rackets, and allow makers of creative works to use any kind of terms & conditions for their creations via variety of contractual agreements(whether its Permissive, Copyfree, Copyleft, Public Domain, Non-Commercial, Verbatim, Reciporal, Custom, Secret, Whatever) they want to use including dual/multi-licensing, and even allow them to put their works instantly right into the public domain at anytime before the copyright duration expires if they wish to voluntarily (which would be the absolutely best thing to do in order to expand the Public Domain).
* In order to use works that are currently licensed under traditional copyright, non-commercial only public licenses (any non-commercial CC license, the now-defunct Open Content License, etc.), Verbatim licenses (such as CC-BY-ND & CC-BY-NC-ND), Remix-Only licenses (such as Doujin Mark, which does allow commercial use), or any other copyright license that forbids any UNOFFICIAL commercial and/or derivative use beyond the need to claim “Fair Use”, & the like, please contact the current copyright holders of such works first, and ask permission first to make an original derivative work of such work & release it re-licensed under a free license that allows both commercial use and derivative works.
3) Even if you want to use Free, Libre, & Open works that are licensed under any “copyfree,” “permissive,”or “copyleft” type open license that encourages copying, sharing, translating, selling & remixing, but somehow turns out to be incompatible (like the GPL & FDL licenses, Open Game License, etc., as examples, but there's going to be CC-BY-SA 4.0 compatibility with these licenses in process) with the Free Cultural Works Creative Commons licenses, you'll gonna want to ask the copyright holder of such free/open/libre works as well. Besides that, multi-licensing under various (especially copyleft) libre licenses will do the trick as well, but it maybe very tricky.
4) Oh, 1 very last thing, in terms of public domain & copyright, make sure you check copyright laws in your country when it comes to public domain works that have expired out of copyright. Because copyright laws work differently in various nations , despite that the creative commons licenses, along with many other open licenses, even all those amazing libre licenses can work in pretty much almost the whole globe.
* All in all, every single maker/artist/author should have their own rules in terms of what others can do with their works (if you don't want your ideas copied, then keep'em secret via a Top Secret Contractual Agreement, although others will always copy your ideas + thoughts, cause they're infinitely replicable, no matter what!), and all open licenses (permissive, copyleft, & copyfree types just so ya know, the non-commercial and verbatim types aren't free BTW) are to automatically grant permissions to the general public for various liberties & restrictions in terms of copying, sharing, giving, selling, remixing, -distribution, attribution (giving the original author credit where credit is due), etc.
(3) What to submit for this zine
1) In case for those who are wondering about Whirl Fang, its an Escapist variety Zine that covers a bunch of cool stuff like video games, movies, scifi & fantasy, anime, roleplaying games, D.I.Y., manga, novellas, art & photo galleries, Free/Libre & Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Free/Libre Content arts & media projects, DIY projects, doujin creations, and of course the almighty retro nostalgia goodness, cause nostalgia sells.
2) Here is a list of what can be submitted to a Whirl Fang zine:
*Science Fiction & Fantasy are recommended genres for Whirl Fang
*Virtual Amusement Zone Reviews: Video Games, Movies, Music, Interactive (Web)Apps,
*Techno-Room Reviews: Free/Libre & Open Source Software (F/LOSS), Open Hardware, Electronics, Single Board Computers, plus Geek Gadgets, & Retro (8-BIT & 16-BIT for now maybe 32-BIT+ in the fututre) Video Game Console Clones.
*Toyz & Gamez Corner Reviews: Toys (Mostly hobby toys like customizable Ball Joint Dolls, action figures, Beyblade-style spining tops, RC vehicles, Open Source Robotics, Erector Sets, & 3D printing toy coverage)) & Games (Tabletop RPGs, miniature wargames, customizable card games, board & card games + Open Gaming! Note:for video games, go to Virtual Amusement Zone)
*Video game tips, cheats, and walkthroughs
*House Rules, Scenarios/Adventure/Encounters/Maps/Dungeon Crawls/Battles, Random Generators, Solo Rules, Unit Lists (weapons, characters, armour, etc.), & variants for tabletop roleplaying games and miniatures wargaming.
*When submitting a manga/comic to an issue of the Whirl Fang Zine, each chapter could assume to be 12-16 pages long (1Ch./WF vol.;1 manga @ a time until that manga/comix series is complete)
*When submitting a novella to an issue of the Whirl Fang Zine, each chapter could assume to be 4-10 pages long (1 Ch./WF Vol.;1 novellette @ a time until that novellette series is complete)
*Manga/Comix & Novella Previews (like a 1 Chapter preview) are ok as well!
*D.I.Y. Tutorials/Instructions for toys, FLOSS software & hardware, art, design, self-employment, gaming, fashion, & other goodies.
*All manga, comics, & novellas must be either original material, or based on either public domain classics, or adapted from Free, Libre, & Open creative works freely licensed under an open license that allows copying, sharing, remixing (derivative works), selling (commercial usage).
*Art & Photo galleries along with poetry for the Art & Lit Shelf
*Special fun & weird stuff are great ideas for special topics that vary from issue to issue (1/vol.)
*Python, Scratch, & Ruby programming tutorials (all these 3 programming languages are Free “as in freedom” and open source)
*Free/Libre & Open source Software + Open Hardware coverage, tips, tutorials, and help for the tech room section.
*Last, but not the least of all, there will also be D.I.Y. Project tutorials including Art such as drawing, Writing stuff like poetry as well as fiction, Photography, Filmmaking, Game Design, 3D Printing, Crafts, and way more to come as we go!
3) In order to submit content to Whirl Fang, a free (as in freedom) content license is a vital recommendation, & w/ the choice of either CC-BY or CC-BY-SA 2.0-4.0+ license due to its Primary License as CC-BY-SA 4.0, but it will also have other libre licenses (both copyleft & copyfree) as its Secondary Licenses. But for a nice alternative, you can declare that creation of yours that you want to be in the public domain if you want. Remember that this zine is under a copyleft license called CC-BY-SA 4.0, which allows both commercial usage (selling copies) & derivative works (remixing an existing work) use as long you keep using the same license and give credit to the original authors where credit is due.
(4) Rules & guidelines for content & subject matter
1) Just so you know that when an issue of Whirl Fang is released, it will have a WA<14 rating under the Voluntary Media Rating System A.K.A. VoMeR, a decentralized voluntary media rating system that can be used by any arts & media maker of any creative medium like art, music, literature, comics, movies, games, & any other form of media as you wish.
Since this zine is rated WA<14, which means that youth who are 13 years of age or younger may need supervision of a trusted adult such as a parent, guardian, aunt/uncle, grandparent, even an older sibling who might be 14 years old and over (Whirl Fang's target age demographic). Despite that, Whirl Fang can sometimes have some kid-friendly material that could be gear towards children in mind, although Whirl Fang gears more towards the Teens and Young Adult demographics.
2) Rules guidelines for content:
*Plenty of violence is fine as long as these rules are followed:
>Absolutely no decapitating human people allowed (unless its (self-)censored in a stylised way) & no red blood either (Black Blood Only please).
>Its OK to use slime and sparks as substitutes for blood as long as the color is not red, and Rainbow Blood is fine and encouraged too.
>Its fine to decapitate monsters, robots, aliens, etc. But just not organic human beings.
*Profanity “A.K.A. Foul language” must be censored by replacing such swearing words with random letters, numbers, and symbols;Please limit swearing to 'damn'.
*Anything EXPLICIT is forbidden (remember this is aimed at teenagers).
*No nudity allowed, no sex either, but romance is OK as long as the romantic relationships, stories, moments are innocent; Sexy rimance is welcome as long as both the guys and girls are clothed; Girls posing in sexy ways are perfectly OK and welcome as long as the ladies are well clothed.
*Absolutely NO religious Bigotry, Dogmas, and Supertitiions allowed, period.
*NO Mainstream Politics, NO Right-wing Propaganda, & No Political Correctness.
>Anything that involves politics must be either apolitical or Anti-establishment (which would mostly be Free Humans/Voluntaryism/Agorism/Mutualism/Left-Libertarinism/Individualist Anarchism/Pirate Party/Crypto-Party/Pro-Liberty stuff). Plus, its is a vital must to fully allow humanity's freedoms of speech, expression, and information as the pure vital way to peaceful spreading and sharing of the free flow of ideas, information, and knowledge!
>Definitely no propaganda of any political (except Pro-Freedom & Anti-Establishment views, it doesn't matter about any Left/Center/Right-leaning anything + real solutions to world problemns), religious, government, or corporate nature. So that means only counter-propaganda is allowed, for the sake of liberation (Internet & Technology Freedom, D.I.Y., Alternative Currencies, Open Source Software/Hardware, Free/Libre Art, along with are good examples.)
3)Last Words on Content Rules/Guidelines:
*The very purpose these rules of what kinds of content is allowed or not in this zine is to somewhat teach self censorship as well resisting consorship & to encourage you to think for yourself.
*These rules are there to limit whats appropriate for this zine's demographic which is teens & young adults ages 14+, but OK for children with some needed supervision of a trusted adult or family member 14 years of age and over. (Remember the Whirl Fang zines have a WA<14 VoMeR rating)
*If there's something in this zine that's deemed to be offensive to you or anyone else, you're free to edit and change Whirl Fang anyway you want.
(5) Reviews:
1) Oh joy, this is about time for reviews of movies, games (both electronic and tabletop forms), music, books, toys, F/LOSS software, F/LO hardware, electronics, & more creative works that are considered Indie, Doujin, Homebrew, and/or Free, Libre, & Open Source as well as good'ol Retro Nostalgia.
2) Review System 101:
> The Whirl Fang Zine review score system is a “hacked” combo variant of the “old-fashioned” school grading system mixed w/ the movie review stars, but instead of the usual 1 to 5 stars, Whirl Fang review scores can go from as low as 1/F (worst score possible) to as high as A/5 (best possible score) or evevn S/11 (most excellent score).
3) Virtual Amusement Zone Reviews (Video games, Movies, Music):
Here it is, the digital leisure of video games, movies, and music. These reviews of music, movies, & games will be determined how well they perform judging by a specific set of qualities varying by the medium of that media being reviewed.
4) Toy & Game Corner Reviews (Toys & Games):
Ah the joy, the corner full of fun toys & games ranging from dice and cards of all shapes and sizes to wargaming along w/ roleplaying games to Ball-Joint Dolls, action figures, miniature figurines, and customizable spin tops.
5) Tech Room Reviews (FLOSS software, hardware, electronics):
Yay for the Tech Room, a world of electronics being freed by Free Software, Open Source, and Open/Libre Hardware. Thanks to technology freedom, grass-roots movements like the free software and open source movements as examples.
6) Art & Lit Shelf (Art & Literature):
Oh joy, there comes the wonder of the art of reading books filled with art and literature.
7) here is an extra surprise, The Top 11 List, just like the good'ol Top 10, but just a single notch over and above the basics, that's all.
>Top 11 Lists can vary from issue to issue, just like Special Topics.
>A Top 11 list can cover the Best & Worst of anything fun.
>What I mean by fun is fun stuff like video games, movies, books, and whatever else you want!
(6) Advertising Policy:
1) Here are the Whirl Fang Rules for advertising, providing the boundaries what are & are not allowed in a Whirl Fang Zine, and that even includes Whirl Fang fanzine Remix derivatives.
2) Taboos:
*NO 3rd Party Ads, NO Government Propaganda Ads, NO PORN Ads, NO Religious Advertising, & Absolutely NO Subliminal and/or Fraudulent Advertising AT ALL!
3) Acceptable & Recommending:(*=Free as in Freedom)
*Freely usable ads for open source projects are fine and encouraged.
*Free Software/Open Source Arts & Technology Ads
*Free*, Libre, & Open Creative Works (under any Free/Libre/Open License)
>Free/Libre, & Open Content Movies, Music, Books, Magazines, F/LOSS Video Games, Open Hardware, etc.
>Open Gaming Tabletop Roleplaying Game Products in addition to Miniatures Wargaming, Board Games, & even Card Games (Under Open Licenses Like The Open Game License, and the the most free Creative Commons licenses along with some GNU ones as well)
>All Ages & Teen Indie/Doujin Anime (Japanese Cartoons) & Manga (Japanese Comics) (ones that are under Free (as in freedom), Open, & Libre Licenses)
>Wikis about Free, Libre, & Open Source Technology, Arts, & Media under FLO licenses + DIY Wikis under open licenses (think, PD,CC0,CC-BY/SA,FDL,etc.) that are about fun stuff like video games, movies, anime, manga, RPGs, etc.
*Whirl Fang Original Products
*Retro-gaming Products
*Organic Herbal Products (Specific Organic Herbs W/ recipes under libre licenses)
*Alternative Currencies & many differnet forms of money (Itm doesn't matter if its Complimentary Currencies whether its using homemade money backed with time or a commodity like gold or silver,Mutual Credit,Commodity Money,etc; Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin,Dogecoin,Cryptonote etc; Precious Metals like Gold/Silver/Copper/Platinum/Palladium in forms of coins, bulleon, wire, & recently credit card-sized cards that contain small pieces of precious metal wire; Semi-/precious gemstones like Diamonds,Rubies, Sapphires,Emeralds,Amethysts,Aquamarine,etc.; trade/barter tokens
4) Musts:
*All Advertising must be optional, Skipable, show respect to every human being's privacy, freedom, and anonymity (This will obviously apply to any Whirl Fang fansites on the regular Internet “World Wide Web” as well as on any P2P Mesh Network like Freenet, I2P, etc. as well as P2P devices like the AWESOME PirateBox!)
*The Above Rule goes the same for the zines as well, despite that you can simply skip those pages both on print and on those PDFs/ebook files!
*These Rules may or may not apply to Whirl Fang Merchandise though
(7) Distribution & Licensing Termz:
1) Now, its almost over! Although this zine's free & open nature has already been discussed earlier, but here comes the Final Section of the Whirl Fang Submission Rules Document, and its all about how the Whirl Fang Distribution & Licensing Models work.
2) Distribution:
*Every distro & remix of this zine requires the Creative Commons-Attribution-Share Alike (A.K.A. CC-PRO) 4.0 International license as the Primary (Copyleft) license.
*Even though CC-BY-SA is Whirl Fang's Primary License, you are welcome to use the CC-BY and other free & Open licenses + even Public Domain Licenses like Creative Commons Zero (CC0) & COPYPASTE as Secondary Licenses (plus GPL, GFDL, OGL, FAL, ADRM, etc.)
*The Whirl Fang zines can be copied, remixed, & distributed both commercially (selling copies for any kind of currency) & non-commercially (giving away copies with no cost), modified derivative, or verbatim, in both physical print copies, and openly-formatted unrestricted digital ebook files hence its open license(s). In addition to physical products that deliver digital files, fan works + fansites + fanzines + Wikis, analog T.V., pirate Radio, Clubs, P2P Meshnets, Conventions, & More to come as we go on.
3) Licensing: (License Compatibility + Multi-Licensing)
Primary License: Creative Commons-Attribution Share Alike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA 4.0)
>Current License Compatibility: CC0 1.0, CC-BY 2.0-4.0, CC-BY-SA 2.0-4.0, FAL 1.3, GPLv3 (1-way)
>Future License Compatibility: GFDL 1.2, , & maybe more soon.
*Secondary (Pure Free/Libre/open) Licenses:
>CC0, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA,& Kopimi for pretty much almost anything
>OGL, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC0, OGA-BY, GFDL 1.3, GPLv2&v3, ADRM 2.0, Kopimi, FAL 1.3 can be used used for Open Gaming stuff such as tabletop RPGs, Miniature Wargaming, & along w/ some board games & card games.
> FAL, CC0, ADRM, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, OGA-BY, Kopimi can be used for artwork, photography, comics, & manga.
*Secondary (not pure Libre, but acceptable) Licenses:
>Although debatable, but the Whirl Fang community should also be free to create and use material under these additional possibly open licenses, despite not being truly open in the spirit of libre for what-so-ever reason, but they deserve support: Doujin Mark (DJNMK), Peer Production License (PPL), BipCot NoGov Media License (BipCot), Copyheart, Konomark
>No Content under Non-Commercial Licenses allowed* <*except for the PPL> (unless commercially republished & relicensed under a true Free, Libre, & Open License that allows both selling copies & remixing w/ith permission)
> No Content under verbatim licenses allowed (unless remixed & relicensed under a true Free, Libre, & Open License that allows both selling copies and remixing w/ith permission)
>Public Domain-Style Licenses and anything in the Public Domain are always welcome, take the CC0 1.0, WTFPL, & Copypaste licenses for example
>When using Non-Commercial & Verbatim (Proprietary but Shareable) works, its recommended to ask permission to relicense your remixes under open licenses that allow both commercial use and derivative works along with the freedom to copy.
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